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This course is designed for providing learners with an understanding of basic elements of a research paper. The course is designed for BA, MA and PhD students who are interested in social sciences. The alleged English proficiency of learners is expected to be B2 and above. Sample articles and reading tasks to be used in the course content will be chosen from the field of educational sciences. The following elements will be covered in this course:

1- How to paraphrase and summarize
2- How to conduct your literature research
3- How to write an introduction section
4- How to write a methodology section
5- How to write a results section
6- How to write a discussion section
7- How to write an implication section and limitations
8- How to write an abstract
9- Editing
10- Overall Summary

Hizmetlerimizden en iyi şekilde faydalanabilmeniz için çerezler kullanıyoruz.' yi kullanarak çerezlere izin vermiş olursunuz.